Rohan Pathirage
Director , Alliance Finance PLC

Mr. Rohan Pathirage was appointed as Director to the Board on 07th July 2020. An Attorney - at – Law, Mr.Pathirage holds a Law Degree from the University of Colombo and is a Master’s Degree Holder in Bank Management from the Massey University, New Zeala. He is also a holder of a Postgraduate Diploma in Banking.

He counts for over 24 years’ experience across Human Resources, Legal and Administration relating to People’s Bank. Previously as Deputy General Manager - Secretary to the Board of Directors of People’s Bank, a position held from August 2010 up until March 2019, Mr Pathirage provided administrative support to all matters relating to the Bank’s Board of Directors and its various sub committees. During his tenure as Secretary to the Board of Directors of People’s Bank, he has played a key role to facilitate best practices in governance.

Mr. Pathirage is currently the Senior Deputy General Manager (Human Resources and Legal) of People’s Bank.In his current role, he oversees the Bank’s 10,000 plus strong work force and manages its Senior Executive recruitments in line with its HR requirements. In addition, he also leads the Bank’s 70 member legal team. Chairman - People’s Leasing Havelock Properties Limited, Director - People’s Micro Commerce Limited, Director - Lankan Alliance Finance Limited, Bangladesh.